National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Year: 2007
Duration: 2h 4min
IMDb: 6.5
Country: USA
While Ben Gates is presenting new information about John Wilkes Booth and the 18 pages missing from Booth&#39s diary, a man by the name of Mitch Wilkinson stands up and presents a missing page of John Wilkes Booth&#39s diary. Thomas Gates, Ben&#39s great-grandfather, is mentioned on the page. It shows that Ben&#39s great-grandfather was a co-conspirator in Abraham Lincoln&#39s murder. When doing more research, the conspiracy takes Ben, Abigail Chase, and Riley Poole to Buckingham Palace (which they break into). They discover a plank that has early Native American writing on it. The plank has only one symbol that Patrick Gates can identify. The symbol is Cibola (see-bowl-uh) meaning the City of Gold. In order to define the rest they have to go to Ben&#39s mother, Patrick&#39s divorced wife. After 32 years it brings back old arguments. After that the other clue is in the President&#39s desk in the Oval Office in the White House (which Ben and Abigail sneak into) to discover that the clue lies in The ...